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SDU Life Cycle Engineering puts the university’s research competences at the disposal of companies, business organisations and public institutions through research and development projects facilitating eco-innovation and knowledge sharing. The team of researchers associated with the centre have experience of initiating and managing research and development projects in co-operation with external stakeholders – from minor subprojects to major million budget projects. Thus, the centre has the experience in identifying the appropriate project in connection with a given problem.

The centre ensures that the projects deliver innovative results with research level and social relevance by organizing the projects in a cooperation model.

When entering co-operation on a project, you must be prepared to contribute to the completion of the project. This can consist of employment resources or a direct financial involvement. A financial involvement will most often be in the form of some kind of co-financing of one or more of the project’s activities. An agreement regulating rights and confidentiality will be drawn up for all cooperation projects.

If you are interested in cooperating or wish to enquire on a specific project idea, you are very welcome to contact one of the centre’s researchers. The relevant researcher can be found in the list of the centre’s employees.

Since the beginning of our research activities in SDU Life Cycle Engineering in 2007, we have co-operated with a total of around 200 companies in Denmark and abroad, more than 70 universities and over 30 authority bodies and NGOs.

Last Updated 14.06.2017