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Analytical Chemistry

Within Analytical Chemistry, researchers have a practical approach to the projects, and almost all researchers at the department use analytical techniques daily for their research work. We have a number of specialists in the various techniques that can adapt and optimize their technique to the current needs. In addition to their own research projects, many of the devices are available to the rest of the department.

Examples of instruments and their use within our research:

  • The synthesis and material chemists must know whether the chemical compounds they have produced have the characteristics and the structural composition they have wanted. Studying the properties of these substances requires analytical techniques such as NMR, IR and XRD.
  • Researchers within pharmacy interested in drug transportation have to be able to determine the quantity of medicinal product as a function of position and time: this requires good separation and detection methods or localised techniques to determine concentration of the medicinal product as a function of time and position in the sample. For this they use, among other things, the following: HPLC and Mass Spectrometry.
  • A special version of Mass Spectrometry is used by the researchers, who investigate the content of fx. insecticides and medicine residues in our drinking water. A special feature of the instrument is, that it can be brought out in the field. In that way samples of polluted soil og fresh water can be analyzed on the spot
  • The researchers in archaeometry examine historical living conditions, which makes it necessary to be able to detect very small amounts of trace elements in historical objects. Here, techniques like μ-XRF and ICP-MS come into play.

The technical staff within this area carry out the analyses, which are accessible to all researchers at FKF. The department can conduct NMR, Mass spectroscopy and IR in a routine manner. These analyses are also available to people outside of SDU (high schools and companies). More information about the techniques and the terms and conditions can be found via the link below:

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