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Our Values at Cardiovascular and Renal Research

  1. We see it as a priority for the entire staff to participate in taking strategic decisions about research, recruitment and organizational changes through information and meetings. In exchange we expect all colleagues to give loyal and thorough support to the decisions we arrive at together.

  2.  Research depends on good ideas and experiments. Everyone can contribute to these irrespective of type of employment, status or education. Therefore we place emphasis on creating an environment of mutual trust and respect in which everyone can have their say, make suggestions, and be taken seriously, and in rapid translation of ideas into practice. We do expect everyone to make a constructive contribution to developing and improving our product and creating added value for the department through publications, theses, grants and skilled graduates.

  3. The leadership does not control, record or ask colleagues how they spend their time. We do expect you to take responsibility for your work, understand its aims and work independently to achieve them.

  4.  We see it as important to ensure that every employee within broad limits has scope and opportunity to advance and cultivate what they are best at and we have no desire to change anybody. On the other hand, we do expect you to cooperate with others to achieve common goals, to try to develop yourself and acquire new competences and to share knowledge and experience in a free and open fashion.

  5. We see it as a priority that the purpose of projects and processes is made clear to everyone concerned through lab meetings, seminars, newsletters, an open door policy and regular seminars for all colleagues where strategy is discussed, developed and adopted.

  6. We support and acknowledge the wishes of colleagues to learn new things and for their personal development. The process is discussed regularly at employee development interviews (MUS) and improvements made within the limits of the strategic aims that everyone has joined to adopt.

  7. We do not regard dismissal as an instrument of leadership whatever the external pressures. We try to avoid such a situation arising through cooperation, mutual help, support, and due diligence. We do expect employees to accept responsibility for one another and give support whenever possible.

  8. We see it as an absolute necessity for our workplace that everyone participates actively in the recruitment, training and support of students. In return we are committed to creating optimal conditions for them.

    To create optimal conditions for each student requires that:

    a. their advisor is committed, has time, takes their responsibility seriously and allows the student sufficient freedom;
    b. the project is important to many, has a realistic timeline and is technically feasible;
    c. there are opportunities to present the results, participate in seminars and so forth;
    d. every student is taken seriously as a colleague.

Last Updated 19.10.2023