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Research areas

About the research areas at Cardiovascular and Renal Research.

Cardiovascular and Renal Research is dedicated to advancing the understanding and treatment of cardiovascular and renal diseases, which are global health burdens and leading cause of deaths. Our research unit is multidisciplinary and addresses the physiology and pathophysiology of the heart, blood vessels, kidneys and cardiometabolic disease-associated organs.

Central themes investigated include the understanding of fundamental physiological processes and underlying pathophysiological mechanisms of various cardiovascular and renal disorders and developing innovative therapeutic approaches. By studying the molecular and cellular processes that govern cardiovascular and renal function, our research unit aims to uncover novel insights into disease progression and potential intervention strategies.

At the research unit, we integrate basic research with a strong translational focus and clinical research to address central research questions. This is facilitated by a close collaborative environment with the nearby hospital.


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Last Updated 12.01.2024