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PhD Projects

Marie Lykke Bach

Vejleder: Boye Jensen
Contribution of plasmin to lectin-pathway amplification of complement activity in kidney
injury in a DOCA-salt murine model

Andrietta Sofie Grentzmann
Vejleder: Daniel Ketelhuth
The Role of Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Kinase-1 in Cardiovascular Diseases

Emilie Grupe
Vejleder: Jane Stubbe
Role of elastin-microfibril-interface-located protein1, emilin-1, in abdominal aortic aneurysm formation and blood pressure control

Didde Riisager Hansen

Vejleder: Per Svenningsen
Investigating The Role of Adipocyte-Derived Exosomes in Obesity Using Novel Exosome Reporter Mouse Model - Implications for Inflammation and Insulin Resistance"

Mia Jensen
Vejleder: Boye Jensen
Metabolic stress through Na+ glucose cotransport (SGLT) activity promotes collectin binding, complement activation and injury in renal proximal tubules and podocytes in diabetes

Iben Skov Jensen
Vejleder: Per Svenningsen
Identification of plasma proteins initiating epithelial dysfunction in proteinuric kidney disease

Egle Kavaliunaite
Vejleder: Janne Stubbe
The Hunt for a Medical Treatment of Abdominal Aortic Aneyrysms (TheHunt) - adipose derived stem cells 

Silke Gripke Dam Nielsen
Vejleder: Daniel Ketelhuth
The role of immunometabolism in the pathopsysiology og abdominal aortic aneurysm

Qais Saleh
Vejleder: Martin Tepel
Identification of biomarkers including transcripts and proteins for virus reactivation and immediate and long-term allograft function in renal transplant recipients

Odysseia Savvoulidou
Vejleder: Daniel Ketelhuth
The role of  hydrogen sulfide-producing enzymes in liver steatosis

Igor Maciel Souza Silva
Vejleder: Ulrike Steckelings
Characterisation of angiotensin-(1-5) as a new biologically active hormone of the reninangiotensin

Caroline Katja  Havegaard Skands
Vejleder: Per Svenningsen
Systemic K+ as a significant causal mechanism for edema and Na+ retention in the nephrotic syndrome - a new modifiable pathogenetic mechanism for aberrant activation of the epithelial Na+ channel ENaC

Last Updated 12.01.2024