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Marianne Ulriksen will participate in Max Planck Institute for Social Law and Social Policy workshop in June!

Anika Seemann from the Max Planck Institute for Social Law and Social Policy has invited Marianne Ulriksen to make a presentation in their online workshop Comparative and Interdisciplinary Social Protection Research 2nd of June 2022. The workshop focuses on the methodological and conceptual challenges of comparative social protection. The workshop allows presenters and participants to explore the opportunities and limitations of conducting social policy comparisons and to discuss how an effective dialogue about comparative social protection between the Global North and the Global South can be formed. Marianne’s contribution will focus on qualitative comparative social policy research and interdisciplinarity, whereas other presenters will focus on quantitative comparative social policy research, and economic and statistical research and performance evaluations.

Everybody is welcome and you can register at

Read more about the workshop here 

Anika Seemann is part of JUST SOCIETY’s network and has contributed to the development of our research-based interdisciplinary teaching course and the ‘nanofication’ of lectures about comparative social law together with Marianne Ulriksen. 


Last Updated 19.05.2022