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Drone Mechatronics

The Drone Mechatronics group is a cross-disciplinary research group  established in the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering to look at the design and manufacturing problems of unmanned vehicle platforms from aerial and underwater drones to autonomous ships (i.e. “droneships”) and off-road vehicles.

Our group covers the following range of competences:

  • Materials technology and composite materials
  • Power electronics for autonomous vehicles (battery management systems, motor drive and control)
  • Guidance, Navigation and Control of autonomous vehicles
  • Mechanical design (CAD design, topology optimization, additive manufacturing)
  • Advanced mathematical modelling (finite-element analysis, vibrations, aerodynamics)

We work in different sectors, including the wind industry, the maritime sector and defence.



Assoc. Prof. Jerome Jouffroy

Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering University of Southern Denmark

  • Alsion 2
  • Sønderborg - DK-6400
  • Phone: +45 6550 1630

Last Updated 02.01.2024