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Cooling and Heating Group

The Cooling and Heating Group (CHG) focuses on research activities related to the development and demonstration of highly performing and eco-friendly cooling and heating technologies. These activities also include their smart control system, optimal maintenance schedule, fault detection and diagnosis, energy optimizing control, among others. At present CHG is establishing a laboratory involving a transcritical CO2 vapour-compression cooling and heating unit equipped with sophisticated add-ons (e.g. thermal energy storage, two-phase ejector). The laboratory will also give the opportunity to work on the implementation of their control systems and advanced algorithms.

Competences at a glance:

  • Sustainable cooling and heating technologies
  • Natural working fluids
  • Two-phase ejectors for expansion work recovery
  • Advanced exergy analysis
  • Data-driven control
  • Adaptive Model Predictive Control
  • Energy optimizing control
  • Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence
  • Digital twins
  • Fault detection and diagnosis.


Laboratory overview:

  • Lab under establishment, estimated September 2023


Software Licenses


  • Engineering Equation Solver (EES)
  • MATLAB, Simulink and Simscape
  • TRNSYS 18.



Paride Gullo
Associate Professor



Hossein Ramezani
Associate Professor



Last Updated 12.05.2023