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Additive Manufacturing Group

One of the key research issues within this group is also the concept of design for recyclability, i.e. separation of different materials at end-of-life and prototyping repairable electromechanical devices.

Competences at a glance:    

  • 3D Printing of conductive polymers
  • 3D Printing of photopolymers (resin)
  • 3D printing of lattice structures
  • 3D printing of metal components

Laboratory overview: 

  • Xact Metal XM200C L-PBF metal printer
  • Ender 3 Pro and Prusa i3 thermoplastic printers
  • Formlabs, Anycubic and Phrozen resin printers


Lars Duggen
Associate professor




Andrei-Alexandru Popa
Assistant professor








Last Updated 09.09.2022