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Synthesis, properties and mineralogy of important inorganic materials

Terence E. Warner, Synthesis, properties and mineralogy of important inorganic materials, Wiley, Chichester, 2011

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Intended as a textbook for courses involving preparative solid-state chemistry, this book offers clear and detailed descriptions on how to prepare a selection of inorganic materials that exhibit important optical, magnetic and electrical properties, on a laboratory scale.


The text covers a wide range of preparative methods and can be read as separate, independent chapters or as a unified coherent body of work. Discussions of various chemical systems reveal how the properties of a material can often be influenced by modifications to the preparative procedure, and vice versa. References to mineralogy are made throughout the book since knowledge of naturally occurring inorganic substances is helpful in devising many of the syntheses and in characterising the product materials.


This book is also of appeal to postgraduate students, post-doctoral researchers and those working in industry requiring knowledge of solid-state synthesis.


  • Clear and detailed instructions on how to prepare inorganic materials.
  • Emphasis on high-temperature preparative techniques.
  • A classic collection of inorganic materials with a focus on electroceramics.
  • Accessible to chemists, physicists, geologists, ceramicists and materials scientists.

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