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Synthesis and intensification of new multicomponent distillation configurations

Distillation is the widely used separation technology for both fossil-based and biomass-based manufacturing in various industrial sectors including fuels, chemicals, petrochemical, biofuels, biochemicals, among others. The development of new configurations able to reduce energy consumption and capital investment associated to the separation appears to be an essential step for the global process economy.

At the SDU-ChE section, important milestones have been achieved in different topics related to separations by distillation:

  1. Developing systematic synthesis procedures to generate intensified novel multicomponent distillation configurations.
  2. Application of the general procedures developed to specific cases of industrial separations.

Recent publication

  1. Rong B.-G. (2014) “A systematic procedure for synthesis of intensified nonsharp distillation systems with fewer columns” Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 92, 1955-1968.
  2. Rong B.-G., Errico M. (2012), Synthesis of intensified simple column configurations for multicomponent distillations, Chemical and Engineering Processing: Process Intensification, 62, 1-17.
  3. Rong B.-G. (2011) "Synthesis of dividing-wall columns (DWC) for multicomponent distillations-A systematic approach" Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 89, 1281-1294.

Basic publications

  1. Errico M., Rong B.-G., Tola G., Turunen I. (2009), A Method for Systematic Synthesis of Multicomponent Distillation Systems with Less Than N-1 Columns, Chemical and Engineering Processing: Process Intensification, 48, 907-920.
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Last Updated 22.01.2018