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Membrane Separation Processes

Membrane separation processes often is a simple and cheaper alternative to traditional separation processes such as evaporation, liquid-liquid extraction and distillation. The membrane group at SDU-ChE has specialized in low temperature separation and concentration of high value metabolites and proteins from plant, algae and animal extracts. Further we investigated the feasibility of separation and concentration of fertilizers such as potassium, ammonia and phosphates from animal slurry.


The membrane group at SDU-ChE combines this effort with SDU-CEBE’s general knowledge on analytical chemistry, process design & simulation and process economy evaluation to optimize the membrane process from both a resource and economic point of view in order to give a sustainable production.


Recent publication

“Membrane fractionation of herring marinade for separation and recovery of fats, proteins, amino acids, salt, acetic acid and water”, Lene Fjerbæk Søtoft, Juncal Martin Lizarazu, Behnaz Razi Parjikolaei, Henrik Karring, Knud Villy Christensen, Journal of Food Engineering 158, pages 43-47 (2015).


Basic publications

“Ammonia recovery from agricultural wastes by membrane distillation: Fouling characterization and mechanism”, Agata Agnieszka Zarebska, Daniel Romero Nieto, Knud Villy Christensen, Birgir Norddahl, Water Research 56, pages 1-10 (2014).


“The BIOREK® concept: A hybrid membrane bioreactor concept for very strong wastewater”, Jan du Preez, Birgir Norddahl, Knud Villy Christensen, Desalination 183, pages 407-415 (2005) 


For more information please contact:

 Associate Professor Knud Villy Christensen

Associate Professor Birgir Norddahl

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