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Development of organic polymer membranes


Membrane separation processes often is a simple and cheaper alternative to traditional separation processes. It does though require highly specialized materials for synthesizing the membrane in order to achieve high separation specificity. The membrane group at SDU-ChE has recently concentrated their effort in developing new organic polymer membrane materials for nanofiltration membranes in order to reduce the environmental impact of the membrane production with a special focus in the fabrication of membranes from sustainable materials.


Further the membrane group at SDU-ChE is developing membranes based on the carbon molecular sieves (CMS) type. These membranes have a high selectivity, when the task is to separate hydrogen from other gases i.e. carbon dioxide. Other applications might be as membranes for separating methane (CH4) from CO2 in biogas in order to upgrade biogas to Natural Gas quality.


Recent Funding

Project Large Scale fuel cell system Developed for peak shaving funded by FORSKEL

Project Green reverse osmosis (RO) membranes - RO membranes made from environmentally-friendly raw materials funded by Innovation Fund Denmark


For more information please contact:
Associate Professor Knud Villy Christensen

Associate Professor Birgir Norddahl

Last Updated 03.08.2020