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Design and optimization of energy-efficient multicomponent distillation configurations

Process modelling, simulation and optimization are very efficient methods and tools to design and optimize industrial distillation plants in both new processes and process retrofits. Combined with distillation synthesis and intensification, we can design and optimize distillation plants for energy savings, for capital reductions, for debottlenecking and increasing production capacity, as well as optimal operations. The distillation processes cover ordinary distillation, azeotropic distillation, extractive distillation and distillation hybrid with other separation techniques. 

At the SDU-ChE section, important milestones have been achieved in different topics related to separations by distillation:

  1. Developing of design and optimization methods able to take advantages from the synthesis procedure, resulting in reliable and fast methodology.
  2. Application of the design and optimization methods to specific cases of industrial separation problems.

Recent publication

  1.  Torres Ortega, C. E., Errico, M. & Rong, B-G., Design and Optimization of Modified non-Sharp Column Configurations for Quaternary Distillations, Computers & Chemical Engineering,  74, 15-27, 2015.
  2. M.Errico, P. Pirellas, C.E.Torres-Ortega, B.-G.Rong, J.G.Segovia-Hernandez (2014) "A combined method for the design and optimization of intensified distillation systems" Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification Vol. 85, 69-76.M.Errico, B.-G.Rong, C.E.Torres-Ortega, J.G.Segovia-Hernandez (2014) “The importance of the sequential synthesis methodology in the optimal distillation sequence design” Computers and Chemical Engineering Vol. 62, 1-9.

Basic publications

  1. Errico M., Giuseppe T., Rong B.-G., Demurtas D., Turunen,I. (2009) Energy Saving and Capital Cost Evaluation in Distillation Column Sequences with a Divided Wall Column, Chemical Engineering Research and Design,  87, 1649-1657.
  2. Rong B.-G., A. Kraslawski, and I. Turunen (2004), Synthesis and Optimal Design of Thermodynamically Equivalent  Thermally Coupled Distillation Systems, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 43, 5904-5915. B.-G.Rong, A.Kraslawski (2002) "Optimal design of distillation flowsheets with a lower number of thermal couplings for multicomponent separations" Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, Vol. 41, 5716-5726.

For more information please contact:
Associate Professor Ben-Guang Rong
Associate Professor Massimiliano Errico


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