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Biomass Valorization for Pretreatment and Biofuels Production

Considering biomass diversity, there are many different pretreatment methods, reaction and upgrading steps, separation and purification steps to reach different products. As consequence, there are many different technological routes to transform biomass to final biofuels and biochemicals. At SDU-ChE, we are developing platform and methodology consisting of process synthesis and intensification, process modelling and simulation, and process evaluation and optimization to evaluate and valorize various process routes for biofuels productions.

  1. Pretreatment process for bioethanol production from lignocellulosic biomass: diluted acid, ammonia fiber explosion, liquid hot water, and Organosolv pretreatment methods were compared and investigated.
  2. MINLP framework for screening process routes for different biofuels production portfolios.

Recent publication

A.R.G. da Silva, C.E. Torres-Ortega, B.-G. Rong, “Techno-economic analysis of different pretreatment processes for lignocellulosic-based bioethanol production”, Bioresource Technology 218, pages 561-570 (2016).

Basic publication

A.R.G. da Silva, C.E. Torres-Ortega, B.-G. Rong, “Effects of Bioethanol Pretreatments on the Broth Concentration and its Impacts in the Optimal Design of Product Separation and Purification Processes”,  Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, Vol. 38, pages 583-588 (2016).

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Associate Professor Ben-Guang Rong
Associate Professor Massimiliano Errico

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