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Protein Technology and Industrial Microbiology


Proteins/enzymes and peptides are purified, quantified, identified, and characterized at the structural-functional level using different techniques and methodologies within protein chemistry, enzymology, biochemistry, and DNA technology. In addition, we study and use genetically and non-genetically modified bacteria, yeast, mold, and microalgae species in monocultures to produce heterologous proteins and other high value microbial metabolites under strictly controlled conditions.

For more information about protein production and purification please visit the SDU 4P homepage.

 Our key research areas and competences are:

•Functional and structural properties of proteins.
•Purification, quantification, and identification of proteins from complex mixtures.
•Characterization and inhibition of microbial and enzymatic activities.
•Screening of chemical compounds and drug discovery.
•DNA technology, molecular cloning, and recombinant protein expression.
•Production of microorganisms, heterologous proteins, and metabolites in bioreactors.
•Modulation of oxygen uptake rates, metabolic pathways, and microbial growth conditions in bioreactors.     
Group members:      

Professor WSR, PhD  Henrik Karring (Contact person)
Assistant professor Simon Svane
Postdoc Morten Mørk Jensen

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”SDU 4P - Protein Production and Purification Platform”

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Last Updated 18.11.2021