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Chemical and biochemical Process Synthesis and Intensification


Its efficiency, in terms of capital investments and energy consumption, could drive the economy of the overall production. Distillation, absorption, adsorption, stripping, liquid-liquid extraction are some of the main unit operations examined at the SDU-ChE, establishing a unique research area based on:

  1. Design and simulation of industrial-scale fluid separation processes

  2. Developing systematic methods for the generation of distillation alternatives for multicomponent separations

  3. Developing new design methods for multicomponent distillation configurations

  4. Synthesis and design of new intensified separation alternatives including divided wall columns

  5. Synthesis of complex hybrid flowsheets obtained combining different unit operations

  6. Application of in-house developed separation processes to fossil and biomass manufacturing

  7. Biomass and wastes optimal valorization

  8. Examining the energy savings and cost reduction in existing chemical and biochemical plants

The research area actively collaborates with different industrial and academic partners worldwide.

Contact information:

Associate Professor, Massimiliano Errico


Last Updated 18.11.2021