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Project Description

ODEx represents a strategic effort from SDU in engaging with society. The purpose of ODEx is to address the many societal challenges and possibilities within Open Data and Big Data. Thus, ODEx has the vision to create a framework for value creation based on Open Data. In order to do that, ODEx will develop and validate software and IT-systems that can handle data effectively and legally. Further, it will establish legal and ethical models for the collection, management and distribution of Open Data. Finally, ODEx will develop business models and competences that can realize the potential of Open Data.

Under the ODEx initiative, a focus area on Open Data on Human Behavior has been established. The goal is to map human behavior and use it for optimizing the built environment such as buildings, squares, paths, and parks. A key parameter when optimizing the built environment is to understand how users act when using the built environment. Knowledge about this behavior can be achieved by taking advantage of the digitalization of our society including mobile, wearable, and Internet of Things devices and the availability of low cost sensors. However, to gain the full potential of using resources on mapping human behavior requires that data is not only collected for one time use and shared with organizations and individuals. The open data paradigm prescribes a method for going eyond one time data collection increasing the value of the data in individual organizations and the society in general. The open data paradigm also enables transparency not provided by commercial providers of data about human behavior. However, the open data paradigm also raises needs for proper privacy protection of shared data.

The vision of the project is to co-create new solutions for optimizing the built environment based on open data about human behavior. Thereby, strengthening the societal engagement by using open data to address societal goals for a sustainable and cost-efficient built environment and in this process interacting with and providing value for both the private and public sector. The project will among others explore these opportunities in collaboration with Odense Municipality and GeoFyn.

Project Summary
Project period March 1. 2016 to February 28. 2019
Total budget 2.794.000 DKK
Funding agency The SDU Lighthouse initiative ODEx
Organization managing the project SDU Center for Energy Informatics
SDU project manager Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard
Additional partners - Center for Energy Informatics
- Department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics
- Department of Law
- Department of Design and Communication
- University Library of Southern Denmark

Last Updated 06.01.2023