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Electricity market participation evaluation for flexible Power-to-X production facilities (FlexPtX)

Project description

The potentials and barriers of Power-to-X (PtX) production facilities to participate in electricity markets. PtX is a fundamental prerequisite for sector coupling between the electricity system and energy-intensive sectors. PtX plants can provide flexibility via active electricity market participation to minimize electricity costs and improve overall competitiveness. However, there are potential conflicts between system flexibility from PtX production and system flexibility from demand-side management due to conflicting objectives and the lack of coordination. Therefore, PtX participation in the electricity markets might risk schedule changes and revenue versus cost uncertainties.

The project aims to evaluate the feasibility for PtX production facilities to participate in electricity markets through flexible operations, particularly focusing on the potential conflict between fuel (X) production and operational cost.

To reach the goal, three main project objectives are: 1) Identification of flexibility potentials and constraints in PtX facilities and their production processes via SDU-CEI’s industrial processes digital twin simulator; 2) Investigation of potential electricity market participation options and bidding algorithms via SDU-CEI’s electricity market digital twin simulator; 3) Evaluation and recommendation of market participation feasibility with flexible operations of PtX facilities.

Project summary

Project period February 1. 2022 to January 31. 2023
Total budget DKK 600.000
Funding agency Villum
Organization managing the project SDU Center for Energy Informatics
SDU project manager Zheng Grace Ma
Additional Partners GreenLab Skive

Last Updated 06.01.2023