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Digital Energy Hub

Project description

Further development of Denmark's energy infrastructure provides a unique competitive advantage

New requirements for energy optimization and CO2 footprint challenge Denmark's strengths in digitization and energy and environmental technology. There is a need to rethink existing solutions and develop new ones if Denmark is to maintain the driver's jersey in the future.

The Digital Energy Hub will create an open data-driven innovation environment to promote the development of intelligent energy systems. This must be done by strengthening 1) the ecosystem around data-driven business development, 2) the development of new technology, including intelligent solutions, service platforms and new business models, 3) development of new types of collaborations across sectors, 4) the fulfillment of the Danish climate objectives, 5 ) access to capital and talent and 6) the Danish position of strength within green-tech.

The project is based on Center Denmark's data hub for the overall energy and supply system, which already today functions as a test platform for new digital, green solutions. The aim is to raise the competence and technology readiness among the energy technology companies significantly, as well as catalyze concrete collaborations between SMEs, large companies, startups, universities and the energy and supply sector. In the longer term, the project will build and strengthen Denmark's position within intelligent energy technology.

Digital sector links must create a new ecosystem

The project consists of four phases, which together will build a strong ecosystem of competent actors who can accelerate energy and environmental technology SMEs and scaleups with growth potential - SMEs and scaleups that have the potential to develop the business through the use of IoT or AI, but lacks the knowledge, data and competencies to realize the ambition.

Project summary

Project period 1 March 2022 – 28 February 2025
Total budget DKK 33 million
Funding agency The Danish Industry Foundation
Organization managing the project Center Denmark
SDU project manager Zheng Grace Ma
Additional partners - DigitalLead 
- Energy Cluster Denmark
- The Consulate General and Innovation Centre
- Technical University of Denmark
- Aarhus University
- Aalborg University

Last Updated 07.08.2023