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Acoustics congress tells off Danish Radio concert hall

On 18-20 June, the University of Southern Denmark is hosting an international congress for acoustics. Among the speakers is the sound engineer behind the Sidney Opera House, who takes a long look at the the acoustics of danish concert halls.

The congress named 'Baltic Nordic Acoustic Meeting 2012' or 'BNAM2012' attracts acousticians and other scientists from all over Europe. 

"The congress is especially recognized because there is a really good contact between the universities and the business world, and for instance many consulting companies are represented besides the universities", says associate professor at the University of Southern Denmark Peter Møller Juhl who is the driving force behind the congress.

The concert hall of the Danish Radio subject to close scrutiny
At the great plenary lecture on Tuesday 19 June at 9.00, one of the worlds' leading scientists within concert hall aocustics, Anders Christian Gade, will discuss the acoustics of the more recent Danish concert halls, among other things he will subject the much discussed concert hall of the Danish Radio to close scrutiny. 

This lecture sets the stage for another speaker of great international renown, Niels Wilhelm Jordan, known as the man behind the acoustical design of the Sidney Opera House (conjointly with his father) as well as that of a long row of other great opera and concert halls.

"Jordan has announced a critical lecture on the acoustics of the great danish concert halls. He will also be presenting a sharp view on the very expensive, publically funded concert house of the Danish Radio, which among experts has been critizised for acoustical shortcomings", says Peter Møller Juhl, himself an internationally recognized expert on acoustics and one of the driving forces behind the education of acoustical engineers at the University of Southern Denmark.

Niels Vilhelm Jordan will be on the lectern on Tuesday 19 June from 11.40 with the lectures ’45 years in acoustics: A personal account’ and ’Whatever went wrong in Copenhagen?’ 

For more information, contact:
Associate professor Peter Møller Juhl from the Institute of Technology and Innovation at tlf. 6550 7423 or email

About the BNAM 18-20 June 2012 at the University of Southern Denmark, Campusvej, Odense
Thj BNAM is arranged biennially, alternately by the five nordic countries, thus taking place in Denmark every 10 years. The fact that Odense has been selected by the Danish Acoustical Society for hosting the BNAM2012 in Denmark is a recognition of the acoustical environment at the University of Southern Denmark.
The BNAM has already attracted more than 100 participants.

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