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The mission for the Centre for Primary and Lower Secondary Education Research is to create good child life in teaching and school development.


The vision is to conduct research, develop and be in close dialogue with university colleges, national knowledge centres, other universities and the primary and lower secondary school sector:

  • In didactic (educational), managerial and general pedagogical aspects of primary and lower secondary school. 
  • With the many actors in the primary and lower secondary school sector, including head teachers, teachers, pupils, parents, and teacher trainers.
  • In order for the primary and lower secondary school sector to increase its capacity to analyse and act on key societal and cultural challenges.

Milestones and activities

The milestones of the Centre for Primary and Lower Secondary Education Research for the first three years up to 2023 are aimed at research in primary and lower secondary education and the development of education and teaching.


  • One milestone for research is to create a series of research projects that create new innovative links between the academic research environments that already exist at SDU and among our partners, and which are called for in practice.
  • Another milestone is to collaborate to qualify and mentor PhD students supported by the PhD Council and other foundations.
  • A third milestone is working on submitting 1-2 EU projects.

The Centre most definitely has the prerequisites to achieve these research milestones. At SDU, we have a number of strong educational research environments within specific subject didactics – e.g. science, Danish and foreign languages. We also have strengths in general didactic and pedagogical research across subjects and at school level, e.g. movement and learning, playing and learning, reading and writing across subjects, intercultural pedagogy and school management. Our partners have strong research competencies within these and other fields.

Education and teaching:

  • One of our milestones is to initiate collaborative projects and courses that focus on education and teaching.
  • Another milestone for teaching development is to map collaboration opportunities between SDU and university colleges on educational and teaching development.

Historically, teaching in university and teacher’s colleges has been two very separate worlds that have targeted relatively separate circuits (primary and lower secondary education; upper secondary education). For some years, this field has been partially in disarray, and various attempts are being made with partnerships that transcend traditional boundaries. For example, it could be a concrete topic such as qualifying subject teaching in teacher training by inviting researchers from SDU to support the training, which we have good experiences with. The Centre for Primary and Lower Secondary Education Research wants to explore the possibilities for further collaboration on education and teaching based on fundamental questions such as: How is teacher training based on research, what research does teacher training call for, and how may we draw on each other’s knowledge and competencies?

Part of SDU’s strategy 

The Centre for Primary and Lower Secondary Education Research is rooted in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, which SDU and several of the Centre’s partners explicitly take as their starting point. Through SDG no. 4, the Centre for Primary and Lower Secondary Education Research addresses the following: Quality education in all 17 SDGs. One of the Centre’s first project initiatives focuses on sustainability.



Last Updated 28.04.2021