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Research training programme Functional Materials and Nanotechnology

The research training programme Functional Materials and Nanotechnology is an interdisciplinary forum for research and education in nanotechnology and new functional materials, both from a fundamental and an applied point of view. Research groups connected to the programme have expertise in fabrication of nano- and microstructures, mathematical modelling on nanoscaled systems, nanophotonics, nanosensors, new fuel cells with nanoscaled materials, mesoscopic materials, nanocats, ultra microscopy, nano-biophotonics, laser material treatment, smart materials, and polymer materials.

In both research and education, there is special emphasis on structures and optical processes on the nano- and microscale. This ‘mesoscopic’ scale’s characteristic dimensions range from one hundred nanometres to a few micrometres and comprise a field, in which various natural science disciplines meet. Thereby, basic science is connected to applied science, and the development of technologically important products is increased. In the future, the demand for PhD students, equipped with the knowledge acquired in this programme, will be increased.

A further strength of the programme is the intensive collaboration with industry, both in Sønderborg and in Odense. Especially the experimental PhD projects benefit from access to state-of-the-art cleanroom facilities at Sønderborg campus. The cleanroom is used for special training in microstructure formation and ensures direct contact to local industry. Thanks to national (Aalborg university, Danish Technichal University) and international (PCAM - Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials – a collaboration with 13 different universities) contacts, this research and educational programme offers broad possibilities for PhD students and easy access to internationalisation.

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