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VELUX Visiting professor at NanoSYD

The VILLUM FOUNDATION has recently given funding to invite an international researcher to come to work at NanoSYD as a visiting professor. Professor Paulo F. P. Fichtner from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil will therefore visit NanoSYD for three months in the beginning of 2014 to strengthen the materials research activities. Professor Fichtner’s research area is within electron microscopy, which can be used to study the structure of materials at a very small scale. At NanoSYD, Prof. Fichtner will mainly focus on organic materials, which can be used in new types of light sources and solar cells. By studying these materials at the nanoscale, a better understanding can be achieved of how the material structure influences the efficiency of the processes by which electrical energy is converted into light in a light source or vice versa in a solar cell.

For further information, please contact associate professor Jacob Kjelstrup-Hansen, E-mail:

Editing was completed: 06.02.2013