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Small donation makes a big difference

Donation from Danfoss Foundation for Education enables important experiments in-house.

The Danfoss Foundation for Education has donated DKK 127.424 to the Mads Clausen Institute’s NanoSYD group for the purchasing of a so-called UV/VIS spectrophotometer to be employed for measuring the transmittance of solid and liquid films. This process is essential to the thinfilm research and development work carried out by NanoSYD at the new RollFlex lab at MCI.

Transport corrupted films
Before the NanoSYD group was able to purchase the spectrophotometer, the measurement process had to take place in Odense. Samples had to be transported, and as the films are quite sensitive to ambient environment, they were often affected by the trip and the collected results had a substantial amount of errors. Now with such robust equipment in house, researchers can often, easily and swiftly collect necessary data enabling the comparison of results from batch to batch.

The measurements from the new spectrophotometer have led to new research findings which will soon be published in several papers.

Editing was completed: 26.10.2016