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Seed funding for joint project with universities from Northern Germany

University of Southern Denmark has entered into collaboration with Hamburg University (UHH), Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel (CAU), and Aarhus University with the objective to initiate, strengthen and expand cooperation within teaching, research, and other areas.

Within this framework Jakob Kjelstrup-Hansen from the Mads Clausen Institute (MCI) at University of Southern Denmark just received a grant of approx. 90,000 DKK for a joint project together with research groups from UHH (Prof. Alf Mews) and CAU (Prof. Michael Bauer). The project is about combining organic nanomaterials, which are one of the focus areas at MCI, with similar structures of inorganic materials, being among the expertise areas of the UHH group, in order to create hybrid structures that can be applied in e.g. light sources and light sensors.

Editing was completed: 09.10.2012