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The ORION microscope – a ground-breaking instrument with a great number of application possibilities

Last Friday, the installation of the ORION helium ion microscope at the Mads Clausen Institute was celebrated with a launch event.

The Mads Clausen Institute has as the first in Scandinavia installed an ORION helium ion microscope. This occurrence was celebrated with a launch event where many guests from companies, German universities and the hospital sector were convinced that the microscope has magnificent application possibilities.

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor of SDU, Bjarne Graabech Sørensen, did not mince matters and pointed out in his speech how important this instrument is for both the Mads Clausen Institute as well as SDU as a whole.

The Orion Microscope is an unique innovation that has made a great change for Alsion, as well as SDU this year, and will have a great impact on the Danish-German region in the future. There is no doubt that The Orion Helium Ion microscope will contribute to create growth, development and new businesses in the future, said Bjarne Graabech Sørensen.

Editing was completed: 17.12.2014