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New SDU equipment donated by Fabrikant Mads Clausen Foundation

Fabrikant Mads Clausen Foundation has showered SDU with donations and this for the benefit of both research and education at SDU.

With nothing less than eight grants amounting to more than one million Danish kroner, donations from Fabrikant Mads Clausen Foundation now enable SDU to purchase new equipment for the benefit of research and education at the university.  

Money has been granted for the purchase of a wind tunnel, a 3D printer for manufacture of transparent millifluid units, a power modules test system, a 3D metal printer, a UPS system, a vacuum probe station and last but not least 3D LIDARS sensors. 

It applies to all grants that on top of supporting important research, the new equipment will be an integrated part of teaching. Thus, the equipment enables students to acquire hands-on experience with experimental work within power electronics, embedded systems and artificial intelligence, providing them with unique experience when it comes to a future engineering job.  

Rebecca Adam, Research Assistant at Centre for Industrial Electronics, has received 56,000 kr. for the purchase of 3D LIDARS sensors and is very grateful for the grant. 

”Autonomous cars are part of our future why it is important for us to align our teaching in this direction. Therefore, we are supporting our students’ interest in the topic by offering them a number of options to engage in. Thanks to this grant, we can now provide students with the best equipment and offer very motivating teaching within this field throughout their study programme,” says Rebecca Adam. 

Furthermore, she adds that student projects will be implemented in Formula Student - a global competition for students competing to build the best, autonomous, electrical racing car. 


Fabrikant Mads Clausen Foundation was established in 1960 by Mads Clausen, the founder of Danfoss. The Foundation’s capital was originally provided by Mads Clausen himself and has since been supplemented by donations from Danfoss and from the Bitten & Mads Clausen Foundation. 

Donations are for instance given to universities and other institutions of higher education for the purchase of equipment for research, development and teaching within engineering and natural sciences.  


Assistant Professor Joe Alexandersen and Associate Professor Ivar Lund, SDU Mechanical Engineering
118,000 kr. for the purchase of laboratory equipment to study currents in millimetre scale, and a specific 3D printer for the manufacture of transparent millifluid units. The equipment will be used in teaching, as well as for research into a specific type of nozzle. 

Postdoc Mahdi Shahparasti and Associate Professor Mehdi Savaghebi, SDU Electrical Engineering
202,086 kr. for the purchase of a prototype of a power emergency plant. The plant will be used for research and teaching.    

Associate Professor Wulf-Toke Franke and Associate Professor Robert Brehm, CIE
190,000 kr. for a power modules test system. The funding means that CIE can support Danfoss and other companies. In addition, the grant enables research and teaching activities within power electronics and embedded systems.

Engineer and PhD student Andrei-Alexandru Popa, Centre for Industrial Mechanics (CIM)
90,000 kr. for 3D metal printing at CIM. Apart from expanding the current applications of 3D printing at SDU towards the manufacturing of eg optimized valves, heatsinks and conductive traces for conformal 3D printing, the new facilities will be an additional asset for the upcoming programme in mechanical engineering, attracting new candidates and placing SDU Sønderborg at a regional academic forefront.

Professor Morten Hartvig Hansen, Centre for Industrial Mechanics (CIM)
88,000 kr. for a wind tunnel for CIM. The tunnel will be included as an interdisciplinary laboratory facility for all three engineering programmes in electronics, mechatronics and the upcoming mechanical engineering. In addition, the tunnel will be used in a collaboration between SDU and local high schools, allowing students to experience the enthusiasm for technology among SDU's teachers in a practical and sustainable framework.

Research Assistant Rebecca Adam, Centre for Industrial Electronics (CIE)
56,000 kr. for the purchase of 3D LIDARS sensors. The sensors will be used for testing, research and teaching in the field of autonomous cars. 

Assistant Professor Gufei Zhang, NanoSYD - Mads Clausen Institute (MCI)

100,000 kr. for field-effect transistors. The project includes research into laboratory produced artificial diamond films, and extremely energy efficient power electronics applications.

Associate Professor Jacek Fiutowski, NanoSYD - Mads Clausen Institute (MCI)

107,500 kr. for the manufacture of an automatic spectrometer/goniometer for determination of wavelength in optical refraction through lattices or crystals. The purpose is to measure transparency and colour neutrality in transparent solar cells. 

Editing was completed: 07.01.2021