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Research Award 2016 of the BHJ Foundation goes to Morten Madsen, Associate Professor

On 5 February 2016 the BHJ Foundation honoured Morten’s outstanding and systematic commitment in building up a group on ‘Organic Photovoltaics’ at the Mads Clausen Institute.

Since 2011, Morten’s activities turned the region into a lighthouse of organic solar cell technology. His group consists of six PhD students and two Postdocs and is involved in several regional and international projects. The latest challenge is a large-scale roll-to-roll facility that Morten stands for. This system should open the way to an upscale in production of organic solar cells.  When Morten took the honour, he emphasized that the big scientific challenge in organic solar cells is the efficiency drop-down with increasing size of the cells. This is what the group will continue working on.

Editing was completed: 05.02.2016