Nikolaj Christian Torp

Medical Student

Phone: +45 5182 9958

Nikolaj is a 5th year medical student and student assistant at the Liver Research Centre since Spring 2018. He holds a bachelor degree from Copenhagen Business School in International Business from 2015. 

His main area of interest in liver research is the pharmacological treatment of alcoholic liver disease and decompensated cirrhosis. Currently, Nikolaj is involved in the Rifaximin study; a double-blinded placebo-controlled intervention trial to treat early stages of alcohol liver fibrosis. Primary areas of responsibility is recruitment, inclusion and consultations with participants.

In 2022 Nikolaj will commence his PhD in the department. The focus will be human albumin treatment in decompensated cirrhotic patients with Alb-Trial: a multicentre double-blinded placebo-controlled trial as the point of departure.