Aleksander Krag

Director, Professor, PhD, MD

Phone: +45 2140 9915
Webpage: ORCID ID

Aleksander Krag is Professor at Department of Clinical Research, University of Southern Denmark and Head of Hepatology at Odense University Hospital. In 2008, he obtained his Ph.d. at Copenhagen University 

During the past five years, Aleksander Krag has established FLASH- Elite Liver Research Centre in Odense dedicated to clinical and translational research in fatty liver disease, fibrosis and steatohepatitis. Aleksander Krag is coordinator of the H2020 project GALAXY, partner in the MicrobLiver consortium (NNF)  as well as grant holder and partner in several other national and international research projects focusing on alcoholic and non-alcoholic liver diseases. He is member of the EASL Review Board, H2020 evaluator and part of the national reference group for the H2020 health challenge. 

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