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GALAXY project meeting


The  partners from the H2020 project GALAXY meet twice a year to discuss  progress, challenges and opportunities. The GALAXY is now halfway and results start to appear. 

OUH has initiated four GALAXY clinical trials, of which two are now finalised with 463 alcohol-overusing individuals, and a corresponding age – and gender matched healthy control group of 100 participants. During the first three years of GALAXY, we have assembled an extensive data warehouse and gathered a large biobank from the clinical studies, including blood, urine, stool and liver specimens. The two finalised cohort studies have so far been used for discovery and validation of biomarkers for diagnosis and prognosis of fibrosis, hepatic inflammation, and fatty liver. 

Focus at the project meeting was preliminary results of data analyses and next steps towards development of  multi-omic biomarkers to be used in ALD. 


Photo Hans Israelsen

Photo Peer BorkFoto af Bjørn