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Drone Public

Drone Public is a research program comprised of multiple projects addressing the challenges related to the public’s encounter with civic drones. We investigate how the public image of civic drones and drone industry develops, and how it is shaped by public concerns, such as concerns about privacy. More fundamentally, our projects look into the very constitution of the public as an active force that shapes the future of drone technology, and examine how increased presence of drones transforms the meanings and boundaries between public and private.

Ongoing projects

Recent Publications

General public's privacy concerns: Phase II Report

Bajde, D. et al. (2017). Public reactions to drone use in residential and public areas. Syddansk Universitet.

General public's privacy concerns: Phase I Report

Bajde, D., Bruun, M. H., Sommer, J. K., & Waltorp, K. (2017). General public’s privacy concerns regarding drone use in residential and public areas. Syddansk Universitet.

Want to learn more?

To learn more about the research program, feel free to reach out to program director Domen Bajde.

You can also read about our work in an article featured in the Danish trade journal Ingeniøren, one of various articles recently written about the second phase of the 'General public's privacy concerns' project.

If you prefer to be enlightened in a more vivid format, you are welcome to have a look inside the research process in the video below.

Want to know more?

For more information about our research, contact head of research program Domen Bajde


Last Updated 27.11.2018