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Human-Drone Interaction

The key to drone flights in public space is safe and reliable human-drone interaction. For this reason, SDU has established the Human-Drone Interaction lab (HDI-lab), which pioneers video-based experimental methods to observe the ways in which people interact with drones in different scenarios. Working with a number of high-level partners in research and industry, HDI-lab lays the groundwork for efficient prototyping, efficient usability, a quality user experience, and effective regulation of advanced piloting, control, use and safety systems for semi-autonomous robots and drones. For example, robots and humans need to coordinate their movement to avoid collisions in limited spaces, and bystanders need to be able to understand and trust drones flying in public. Thanks to a state-of-the-art, multi-method research design, both technical and ‘social’ components (user expectations, documentation and communication, rules and laws) are tested and improved together.



Danish Transport Authority (TBST)
Drone Public
Multirotor Fyn   


Lab Director Niklas Woermann
Associate Professor
Department of Marketing and Management


Last Updated 08.06.2018