BSc in Law

  • This Programme is offered in Odense
  • This Programme is taught in Danish

Facts about the programme - BSc in Law 

  • Bachelor programme
  • Faculty: Business and Social Sciences
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Location: Odense
  • Application deadline:
    Quota 2: Apply no later than 22 March at 12:00 noon
    Quota 1: Apply no later than 5 July at 12:00 noon
  • Study start: 1 September

Achieve solid competencies within the field of law

At the Bachelor programme in Law you will gain an insight into a vast number of judicial disciplines and become acquainted with a wide range of legal topics from Law of Property, Administrative Law, EU Law, and Criminal Law to the relationship between law and society. Teaching is primarily undertaken by tenured researchers with supplementation by lecturers from other departments of Social Science and external experts.

You will obtain comprehensive knowledge and achieve both theoretical and methodological qualifications which will make you able to identify, formulate, and solve problems within the fundamental judicial disciplines.

Further, you will obtain independent business competencies and qualify to apply for the Master’s programme in law, at which you will work more in depth with a number of special legal disciplines and further develop your methodological competencies.  This qualifies you to independently analyze and solve complex legal issues within both public and private companies.

For more information, please visit the Danish webpage. You are also welcome to contact us.