Master of Science in Physiotherapy (MSPT)

  • This Programme is taught in Danish
  • This Programme is offered in Odense

Are you a physiotherapist and would like to supplement your knowledge on evidence-orientation of the physiotherapeutic practice and obtain a Master's degree in your subject? Or are you specialist in charge within the physiotherapy subject area, but lacking the skills necessary to be able to quality assure your practices and workflows, to be able to execute projects and to be able to lift the overall quality of your physiotherapy practice through the involvement of the latest research-based knowledge? 

Expand your skills as a physiotherapist

In both cases the Master's degree programme in Physiotherapy is just the programme which either you need or by which you can expand the skills of your colleagues. The programme is targeted specifically towards physiotherapists who want to evidence-base, develop quality and evaluate their physiotherapy practice.

Join us to ensure quality in your physiotherapy practice

The focus of the programme is thus of knowledge of scientific theories and methods in order to be able to use research findings in practice and a high degree of clinical testing of methods to ensure good quality in the physiotherapy practice, both for treatment, rehabilitation and patient directed prevention. 

The programme will enable you, as the physiotherapist, to inter alia tackle more specialised business functions, as well as participate in scientific development work. The training will also qualify to identify, formulate and solve complex problems within professional physiotherapy specialisations in public and private institutions and businesses, as well as in an independent practice. Finally, graduates of the Master's degree programme in Physiotherapy can commence with PhD courses within the area of physiotherapy.

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