A combination of interests – engines, travelling, studies ...

- As a vehicle engineer I cannot imagine a better project than Formula Student where we design and build a race car ourselves. This is definitely the best way to put theory to the test and we learn a lot, says 23-year-old Arnis from Latvia. 

As part of the Formula Student project, the students participate in a race on the famous Silverstone race circuit in England where they will compete against other student teams.

Informal tone
It took a while before Arnis got used to the rather free and easy tone between students and teachers in Denmark:
- Where I come from it is more formal. For example, while we address our teachers by their last name and titles such as ‘Professor’, here in Denmark we call them by their first names. In my opinion this results in a better and more direct communication.

- The best thing about the studies is the way we apply theory in practical projects and cooperate with companies. And then the fact that we as students can access laboratories and project rooms whenever we want, day and night. That is pretty cool, he says.

Fun student life
Finding new friends in Odense has not been a problem for Arnis:
- I live at the student hall H.C. Ørsted-kollegiet where I share a kitchen with 13 other students. That means that my spare time is spent with a lot of Danes. Also, I have met many exchange students at the faculty and have friends from all over the world, he says.

A semester in New Zealand
After two semesters he has settled in well and plans to continue on a master programme. First he will go to New Zealand for his one-semester engineering internship, though.
- The internship is part of the study programme and at the same time it is a unique opportunity to go abroad ... and to experience New Zealand. I am really looking forward to that!