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Foredrag Gæsteforelæsning

14.09.2022   at 11:15 - 12:15

Martin D. Moore, Medical Historian at the University of Exeter


Interdisciplinary working? Notes from a minor participant in British Humanities and Social Science (HASS) Research

What does it take to "do" interdisciplinary research? What intellectual and affective challenges does interdisciplinary work pose for researchers trained and experienced in individual disciplines? And what opportunities does interdisciplinary working offer? In this paper, I draw on experience working on a long-running interdisciplinary project, and within an emergent transdisciplinary research centre, to think through these questions from within the British Humanities and Social Science (HASS) context.
I will suggest that - even within disciplines that might be considered closely related - interdisciplinary approaches and forms of working do not just "emerge" - and shared space does not automatically engender collaboration. Rather, interdisciplinary working requires careful management and curation, and involves the creation and sharing of particular kinds of time.
The results can be profound, for teams, fields and individuals. But interdisciplinary work is not without its tensions and problems of power - all of which need constant attention if productive projects and inclusive research cultures are to be fostered.

Martin Moore is a Lecturer in Medical History at the University of Exeter. He has worked extensively in interdisciplinary environments, including at Exeter’s Wellcome Centre for Cultures and Environments of Health and on the collaborative project ‘Waiting Times’ across Exeter and Birkbeck, University of London.

He has researched the history of waiting in various parts of the British health service and is currently working on the medical and well-being aspects of commuting in postwar Britain.

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