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Programme structure

The Masters programme covers two years of studies.

First semester

In the first semester, you will learn about materials science and computational methods for studying materials. You will also work both theoretically and experimentally with sensor technology as well as statistical signal processing. Finally, you will carry out a group-based project where you learn to apply some of concepts from the other 1st semester courses to solve a real-world problem.

Second and third semester

On the next two semesters, you will further specialize with courses in applied polymer materials and manufacturing techniques. You will learn about advanced material characterization techniques and reliability aspects incl. an experimental course on optical spectroscopy. This is complemented with courses in microtechnology and fabrication with special focus on energy devices and there is a second group-based project where you further improve your skills in project work. Finally, there are elective courses, you can participate in an In-Company Project or initiate your Master’s thesis.

Fourth semester

The fourth semester is dedicated to the Master’s thesis. You choose the topic yourself and typically carry out the project work in one of the research groups and/or in cooperation with a company.