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Medicine (Master of Science)

  • This Programme is taught in Danish

Medicine (Master of Science) at SDU is unique

During the medical master programme you will acquire the necessary scientific foundation for your career as a doctor, which will start in three years. You will, to a larger extent than on the BA programme, be trained in communicating with patients, while at the same time enhancing your professionalism.

The medical programme at the University of Southern Denmark is unique, because theory and practice are combined in patient-oriented types of examination at the end of each course module. At the University of Southern Denmark, at the hospitals, and in the doctor’s practices in the Region of Southern Denmark you will train and enhance skills which will aid your future professional development as a doctor.

Meet patients already during the study programme

During the master programme you will learn to use your theoretical knowledge. You will learn to transform it into professional medical practice. This process of learning, to use your theoretical knowledge, takes place during the study programme, as you will be introduced to patients and confronted with clinical problem-solving tasks in relation to many different pathological case histories. You will train communicative and practical skills in both skill labs and in the real world.

During the study programme you are required to do medical internships at a hospital or in a doctor's practice, during which you will learn to communicate with real patients as you learn to formulate and carry out their examination and treatment plans.

After graduation from the medical programme at the University of Southern Denmark

As a graduate [MD] you have the opportunity (upon application) to continue on a 3- year PhD programme.