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With the MSc in Economics – Finance you obtain insight into risk and portfolio management, pricing of stocks, bonds and derivatives, as well as assessment of companies and corporate's strategic capital budgeting and funding decisions.

The profile has emphasis on how to relate the economic knowledge to microeconomics, macroeconomics, or accounting concepts, as well as to apply econometric techniques on economic data.


Programme Structure

The programme consists of a number of constituent and optional courses. The constituent courses ensures that you get a solid theoretical and methodological foundation, while you with the electives have the opportunity to pursue your areas of interest.

The teaching is mainly organised as lectures and lessons where you get practical assignements. In addition individual supervision will be given. The programme is concluded with your thesis.


Career Opportunities

The MSc in Economics – Finance qualifies you for a career particularly within the financial sector, where the typical job titles are: Analyst in the financial sector, Portfolio Manager of pension and investment funds, consulting jobs and jobs within monitoring and regulation of the financial markets. Finally, you can choose to apply for a PhD position and pursue an academic career.