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Competitive and efficient organizations

How can an organization persistently outperform its competitors? What strategies should it pursue? And how should it be organized to achieve its goals efficiently? The Strategy & Organization program provides you with the analytical skills to help organizations compete and operate effectively. The program covers two main areas: strategy analysis and design, and organization analysis and design.

The program focuses on how organizations create and capture value through strategy design and organization design. This includes formulating strategy and implementing it through effective organization designs. Designing an organization's strategy and structure to achieve its objectives can be even more challenging than designing an effective technical system.

Theory and practice

The Strategy & Organization program provides you with the necessary skills, firmly rooted in theory and honed for application in practical settings in the programme’s many interactive elements. The program gives you a theory-based framework for understanding and analyzing the challenges and solutions of strategy formulation and implementation, as well as the underlying principles driving these challenges and solutions.

It also provides you with the skills to analyze how to formulate and implement strategies effectively, and to use analytical tools such as organizational experiments to make systematic, theory-guided decisions about the features of an organization’s strategy and organization design. This includes how to address current challenges that lack clear answers, such as the challenges of strategy formulation and implementation posed by remote work or emerging technologies such as AI.
The program is taught by the Strategic Organization Design unit, an interdisciplinary, international research unit that regularly contributes to strategy and organization theory in top international research journals. In this program, we provide you with the latest insights from research and methods, enabling you to be up to speed when you encounter strategy and organization specialists at future employers.


That is why you should study Strategy and Organization

  • This programme qualifies you for jobs such as management consultant, strategy consultant, business analyst, and positions in general management and in corporate headquarters.
  • The MSc program in Strategy and Organization at Campus Odense provides you with competences in formulating strategy and implementing strategy through effective organization designs, to create and capture value. 
  • The program combines a solid grounding in theory with honing your competences for application to concrete practical settings through many interactive learning elements.