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Health and Safety

Important information regarding insurance, health and safety in Denmark.


  • Call 112: In case of a serious emergency, such as health problems, a traffic accident or fire.
    Ask for an ambulance, the police or the fire department and make sure to provide as many details as possible; state your name, where you are calling from/where you are, what telephone number you are calling from, and what has happened.
  • Call 114: If you need to contact the police in a non-life-threatening situation.



The University of Southern Denmark does not require international students to acquire insurance. However, we strongly encourage you to take out insurance. As a student at SDU, you are not covered by any insurance policies taken out by the university.

We recommend that students take out accident and liability insurances.

Being abroad is usually a great experience. However, no matter where in the world you are, accidents can happen. Therefore, we advise you to at least take out insurance that covers you in case of theft, fire, and liability. Liability insurance is especially important in case you cause damage to something or someone.

The University of Southern Denmark cannot help you with finding insurance. Most Danish insurance companies are good at providing information in English.

Once you have a Danish CPR Number (civil registration number), you are covered by the Danish health insurance system. You can read more about the coverage on

You must stay in Denmark for minimum 3 months to be able to get a CPR number. The procedure for obtaining a CPR number varies from campus to campus. You will be informed of the procedure at your respective campus once you are enrolled at SDU. 

We recommend that you have your own health insurance coverage for the initial period, until you are covered by the Danish health insurance. You may want to take out additional insurance as well, e.g. for home transportation to your home country. 

After you have obtained a CPR number, you will receive a yellow health insurance card by post.

If your stay in Denmark is shorter than three months, you cannot get a CPR number and are thereby not automatically covered by the Danish health insurance system. Your coverage is connected to nationality and it is your own responsibility to find out whether you need to take out any private insurance.



You will be assigned a general practitioner when you register for your CPR number. Your doctor’s contact details are printed on your yellow health insurance card if you need to make an appointment. You always need to book appointments in advance by phone. Remember to bring your yellow health insurance card when you go to the doctor’s appointment. 


Doctor on Duty

If you need to consult a doctor outside of regular work hours (8-16) on weekdays, weekends, or public holidays, you must call the Doctor on Duty (Lægevagten). You should only contact the doctor on duty in case of acute illness. The  Doctor on Duty in the Region of Southern Denmark is reached by phone +45 70110707.


Dental treatment

Dental treatment is not free of charge in Denmark. If you need dental treatment you are free to choose any dentist and call to make an appointment. Dental treatment is fairly expensive in Denmark. Therefore, you are advised to ask for prices in advance.


Theft, violence and Sexual Assault

If you're exposed to theft, violence, or sexual assault, you should contact the police immediately by calling 114.
The Sexual assault centre at Odense University Hospital can be reached by phone +45 65412348 (open 24-hour).


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Last Updated 07.06.2023