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What Do the Students Say?

Julia Eggert, Germany, Environmental and Resource Management, SDU Esbjerg
All in all I can say that I had the best time of my life here. I made so many new friends from all over the world, I gained so many new cultural insights, I learned a new language and experienced so many new things. I love this university, as it offers a very modern study environment, a great study support and many events. The people are so friendly, helpful and supportive. I learned a lot about myself as well.

Laura Pelzmann, Germany, European Studies, SDU Sønderborg
Studying at SDU Sønderborg has given me lots of opportunities to get to know people from other cultures, which has led to many new friends from other countries. By working together with other international students on a daily basis I have learned to be more open-minded as well as flexible. Facing different cultures every day has changed my view of the world.”

Francisco Sanchez Acosta, Argentina, Environmental and Resource Management, SDU Esbjerg
The relationship with professors is very close and informal. They are always willing to give a helping hand and you can always knock on their office doors. We have even been invited for barbecue at one professor’s home in Fanø Island. That is something I would have never imagined before coming here!

Tihomir Yonkov Sabchev, Bulgaria, Comparative Public Policy and Welfare Studies, SDU Odense
Studying in Denmark is much better than I had expected. The facilities and services provided to the students here are of the highest quality and in a significant quantity. Apart from the studies there are a lot of extracurricular activities, which help international students to integrate quickly into the local community. 
Hendrik Langer, Germany, Economics and Business Administration, SDU Esbjerg
I really liked the environment at SDU and in Denmark in general. The people are really friendly and helpful if you have questions and the facilities at SDU are always open for students that want to study. The relationship between students and teachers is also very pleasant because the learning approach is much more based on student input than in other universities. For me personally the exchange semester has been the best semester in my life. I made new friends, experienced a lot about Danish/Scandinavian Culture and language (I also made a trip to see the Northern lights in Norway Amazing!) and had the possibility to study at a university that doesn’t only have great teachers and facilities but is also academically challenging.

Emmanuel Kom Abeng, Cameroon, Comparative Public Policy and Welfare Studies, SDU Odense
Being an international student in a foreign country is the ultimate best feeling and experience - especially at SDU where you are exposed to a brilliant melange of cultures from various countries. 
Denmark, and to be more specific the city of Odense, is a safe harbour for students likewise studies with a lot of serenity and general satisfaction, which is the order of the day here. For prospective students SDU is surely the right choice for a perfect student experience!

Last Updated 11.10.2019