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Understanding the human being as a whole

Psychology makes you an expert in people’s thoughts, feelings, needs and perceptions. Why we think and act the way we do.

The Psychology study programme at the University of Southern Denmark is particularly aimed at the healthcare sector, and therefore internships are a major part of it. As a psychology student at the University of Southern Denmark, you acquire the scientific basis that is a prerequisite necessary for you to later be able to work as a psychologist.

Overall, psychologists work to create changes in people with psychological problems or people who are involved in psychological issues. On an ethically sound basis, with a holistic approach and on a scientific basis.

During the programme, you will get thorough training in the skills needed for you to develop professionally as a psychologist; the ethical rules within the field of practice; and knowledge of what roles psychologists have in society.

Most graduates are employed in the healthcare sector, in psychiatry, the educational system, private or public companies or as private psychologists.

If you dream of becoming a psychologist, you must supplement your bachelor programme with a 2-year master’s degree programme in Psychology.

Why study Psychology?

  • You will get an education that combines both theory and practice, so you have the best basis for working as a psychologist.
  • In the psychology study programme, you can get an internship that gives you the opportunity to get very close to research.
  • You will be part of an active study environment, where you can participate in both academic and social events in your spare time.