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Bachelor of Medicine / Medical Sciences

  • This Programme is taught in Danish
  • This Programme is offered in Odense

A domain in perpetual development

You’d like to help people, the ability to work with people and a willingness to learn from and about people. These are important prerequisites for becoming a doctor. However, on their own, they are not sufficient.

Medicine is the domain within the health sciences where an immense degree of biological knowledge is linked to the diseases that people can suffer from. As a doctor one should be able to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases with the use of the latest scientific knowledge and technological progress. One is therefore never graduated as a medical doctor, and you have an obligation to keep your knowledge up to date. A commitment and motivation for lifelong learning is therefore also required if you want to be a doctor. University education at the University of Southern Denmark is the first step in this direction.

Medical studies at SDU is unique

Here at the university you’ll acquire the scientific foundation as a necessary prerequisite for allowing you to later serve as a doctor. You will learn the principles behind critically and analytically acquiring new knowledge and research results. With medical studies you also need to demonstrate your ability to do it.  

At the university you start exercising to hone your skills in order to be able to develop yourself professionally as a doctor. Medical studies at the University of Southern Denmark is unique, because theory and practice are combined in a patient-oriented exam format.

Already meet patients during the programme 

It is not enough, however, that you acquire dry, theoretical knowledge, if you can’t use it in the real world, where the patients are, and where the doctor works. You therefore need to learn how to apply your theoretical knowledge. This happens when meeting with patients. During the course of your studies you’ll be confronted with many case histories which you should try to solve. You’ll get to exercise both your communicative and practical skills in both the skills laboratory and in reality.

Internship in hospitals and medical practices

In the course of your studies there’s a clinic internship, where you’ll serve at a hospital or at a medical practice and where you’ll get to meet patients whom you must learn to receive, assess, treat and inform. 

How to become a doctor at the University of Southern Denmark

In order to become a doctor you need to complete the training, consisting of a: 

  • Bachelor's degree of three years, where, upon graduating you’ll receive the title of Bachelor
  • Master's degree in Health Science, Medicine of three years, where, upon graduating you’ll receive the title of Cand.Med.
  • Following that it is possible to complete a 3-year doctoral programme (Ph.D.)