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There is math in everything

Mathematics is the programme for you who are fascinated by the theories and methods of mathematics. You want to work both logically and abstractly and find it exciting to reason and set up mathematical proofs. You will learn basic mathematical disciplines, for example topology, curves and surfaces, rings and number theory, as well as complex analysis.

Some mathematical theories and techniques stem from mathematicians' interest in abstraction and in the subject's internal structures and aesthetic values. Others, on the other hand, are developed directly with a view to solving problems from other fields, such as astronomy, computer science, physics, chemistry, statistics, engineering, and economics.

The technological development, including invention of computers and mobile phones, would not be possible without mathematics. Using mathematics, you can develop a computer program or calculate how much the Earth curves, even if you only measure on a very short distance of the Earth's surface. But in mathematics you can also devise abstract mathematical models, which may only later prove to be usable in practice. An example is number theory, which subsequently became the basis for cryptology.

Mathematics is thus both a subject in itself and a support subject that is used in all other fields of science.