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Developing high tech products needs a skilled engineer to be designed safely, efficiently and sustainably

From simple devices like packaging for electronics all the way to high tech products like robot arms, grippers and cars – all of these need skilled engineers to be designed safely, efficiently and sustainably. Modern products are subject to complex requirements that cannot be solved without ingenuity, teamwork, and a solid theoretical foundation.

Through project work you will gain various skills in the field of product development, which in addition to technical design also comprises marketing and production. This combination prepares you to work in technical product development and later on to be project manager in a research and development department.

The bachelor programme is a three-year programme where you will learn about fundamental topics of mechanical engineering such as statics and dynamics, but also about the development of mechanical mechanisms, advanced materials, and simulations.

Project work and company problem solver

You become part of a project based and problem based study environment where you work in project groups.

You and your fellow students:

  • Are responsible for planning and carrying out the project 
  • Must work together and meet the deadlines 
  • Solve problems for companies 
  • Have access to dedicated space for project work.

In the sixth semester you will write your bachelor project – often in cooperation with a company or on a research project.

Focus on Structural Design, Fluid Mechanics or Robot Mechanics

The bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering is a three-year programme and each semester is based on a theme.

The education consists of a combination of theoretical courses and practical project works. From the get-go you will be part of a project group to work on a mechanical project based on industrial problems.

The education is in Danish in Odense with a special focus on Structural Design, Fluid Mechanics or Robot Mechanics and the program structure is described below.

The education is in English in Sønderborg with a special focus on Mechatronic systems, Intelligent mechanical systems or Hydraulic systems and the program structure is described here.

Versatile career paths

After the first three years you study for two years at master level to get the full MSc in Engineering degree.

With a degree in mechanics you will have a range of job opportunities – in Denmark and abroad. Among other things, you could set up your own company or be employed as a development engineer, project manager or researcher.

Graduates who have completed this bachelor programme are entitled to use the title of Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Engineering (Mechanics).

That is why you should study...

  • You are helping design the industrial products of the future
  • You will have good career opportunities
  • You will learn to develop innovative solutions to specific problems

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