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Chemistry is everywhere in our everyday lives

We meet chemical substances – both natural and artificial ones – in batteries, cosmetics, medicines, foods, textiles, and toys. Smart chemical solutions also play a crucial role in solving global climate challenges and in human health.

The Chemistry programme is for you who wants to understand how the world is built, take new paths, and who wants to help shape the future. You like to immerse yourself in the smallest details, which is a strength in the study of chemistry. You will have the opportunity to put your knowledge of chemistry into perspective on major global issues, such as energy storage, recycling of materials and the development of new drugs.

You will learn to analyse the properties of substances and to synthesise new chemical compounds. You will work experimentally in the laboratory with synthesis and characterisation, you will use computer simulations to understand molecules, and you will learn to understand the underlying theories in chemistry.

Drug development is an area where Denmark has a strong international position, and at SDU we are actively researching new drugs. The bachelor's degree programme in Chemistry allows you to specialise in Medicinal Chemistry, naturally leading on to the master's degree programme in Medicinal Chemistry. Sustainable chemistry is also an area in which we are strong at SDU. Among other things, we are researching new and more efficient types of batteries for energy storage. We are also developing new materials that can be used to purify water of toxins and recycle limited resources.