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 Apply for re-admission if:

  • You have previously been enroled in a programme that you now want to apply for again, or you are still enroled in the programme at another Danish university and now want to continue the programme at SDU. 
  • You have not passed the entire first year of studies as the programme is organised at SDU.
Application deadline
  • 15 March at 12:00 noon on (regardless of whether you apply via quota 1 or quota 2).
    (Open for applications from 1 February. You will receive a response to your application no later than 28 July)

Re-admission must be applied for via regular admission, and you must participate in the regular admission process of the programme.


Conditions for applying for re-admission

In order for you to apply for re-admission to a programme, it is a prerequisite that:

It is not a requirement that you have been withdrawn from the programme for at least 5 months, if you are still enroled in the programme at another Danish university and are not about to be withdrawn but want to continue the programme at SDU. 

If you can get a credit transfer for the entire first year of studies, you must instead apply for re-enrolment.  

If you are in doubt about whether you can get a credit transfer for your first year of studies, it is a good idea to apply for both re-admission and re-enrolment.

You can see an overview of which entry requirements you must meet, on the programme page at

  • Did you withdraw from the programme yourself? 
    If you withdrew from the programme yourself, basically just apply for re-admission without giving any detailed explanation about your previous course of study in the programme. You must still attach a transcript of records, a confirmation of withdrawal, and programme regulations/course descriptions though, as explained below under the headline 'Documentation when applying for re-admission'.


  • Did the university withdraw you from the programme?
    If the university withdrew you from the programme, you can only enrol in the programme again if you explain and document that your chances of completing the programme have improved significantly
    In the section below you will find an overview of the necessary documentation.

Documentation when applying for re-admission

If the university withdrew you from the programme, you must upload a written explanation together with your application for re-admission on how your chances of completing the programme have improved. You must also document the matters you describe in the statement.

Use this form: Form for written explanation.

You have to present the matters which you think are relevant as to your chances of completing the programme.
For instance you can draw on:

  • Why you didn't complete the programme in the first place
  • What relevant activities you have participated in since your enrolment stopped
  • How you have strengthened academic skills relevant to courses which you were previously unable to pass
  • Significant changes to your health conditions
  • Significant changes to personal or private matters of relevance

Remember to attach documentation regarding relevant matters, to the extend this is possible.

Relevant documentation can be:
  • Doctor´s note may be deemed as relevant documentation, if illness or other health conditions have prevented you from completing the programme. Doctor's note has to include the following: 
  • Stated times for the first and last medical consultation
  • Clarification of whether the medical assessment was made on the basis of own examination or the patient’s information
  • Description of how your condition has affected your ability to study
  • Information regarding a possible fit note or future prospects for further treatment

Please check that the doctor´s note also includes:

  • Your name, civil registration number (CPR) or date of birth
  • Date of issue
  • Doctor´s name, CVR or provisions number as well as a signature and stamp


  • Documentation of strengthened academic skills via diplomas confirmed with the stamp and signature of the educational institution


  • Employer's declaration, dated and signed, with information on the nature and duration of the work tasks

If you have been or still are enroled in the same programme at another Danish university, please remember to attach the following when you apply for re-admission:

  • A transcript of records including all examination attempts.
  • An overview of the courses you have registered for (if you are still enroled).
  • A confirmation of withdrawal with the reason for withdrawal, alternatively a confirmation of enrolment (if you are still enroled).
  • Programme regulations and/or course descriptions for all courses.


If you are re-admitted, SDU will determine your study conditions

If you are re-admitted to the programme, SDU will determine the extent to which your previous examination attempts in courses that you have not passed must follow you to your new enrolment. SDU will also determine your other study conditions, including programme regulations, credit transfer and duration of study. 

Apply for re-admission

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